Attention: Parents who are looking to raise resilience for their child with neurodevelopmental symptoms (Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, SPD, DCD, etc.)...this summit was created for you.!
The Kids Brain Summit Teaches Ways To Prevent Or Reverse Symptoms Associated With Conditions Like Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, And More

Move Beyond Behavior to Discover the Root Causes and Metabolic Strategies To Raise A Healthy, Resilient Child

The FREE Virtual Summit Runs January 31- February 4, 2022

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Learn Proven Ways To Prevent Or Reverse Many Symptoms Associated With Conditions Like Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, And More
The FREE Virtual Summit Runs January 31 - February 4, 2022

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Move Beyond Behavior to Discover the Root Causes and Metabolic Strategies to Raise A Healthy, Resilient Child Who Can Fully Experience All That Life Has To Offer!

Get full access for free to all event presentations during the Virtual Summit Launch!
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You can't afford to miss this one!

Empower  Your Children And Yourself To Truly Thrive
This is one event that you don't want to miss!

Discover Epigenetic Factors
Adapt child's genetic presentation and developmental outcomes using epigenetic factors (AKA Lifestyle Hacks)

Learn Stress Management Techniques
To lower allostatic load (body burden) so your kid(s) can think

Understand Environmental Factors
Certain environmental factors may be contributing to an inflamed brain (and body).  Find out what to do about it.

Nourishing Mind, Body & Microbiome
We can prevent and reverse neurodevelopmental symptoms in our children. We'll show you how! 

Sleep & Recovery Hacks
By empowering brain development we can help our children regulate their behavior like the champs they are!

Exercise As A Key To Resilient Brain Health
Improve and support your child's immune system while enhancing brain/body connections with these fun exercises.

And Much More!

Still Have Questions...? We Have Your Answers!
You'll learn these valuable lessons and so much more when you join us.  Read below for the full agenda.

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Meet Your Summit Host 

Michelle Riddle has been featured by Kids Brain Health Network, Kitchen Stewardship, Healthy Bones, Happy Life, Autism Recovery Summit, and many more. She is a BC Council for Families Family Service Award Winner and an internationally acclaimed speaker.

Through her work, she collaborates with leading international scientists, educators, and the community to reverse the rising number of chronic health conditions in children and adults. She has more than 25 years of community-based rehab experience and has helped thousands reverse symptoms associated with chronic disease.

Michelle Riddle, OT, R.H.N.

Here's What You'll Learn
From  Our World-Class Trainers!

Epigenetics And Childhood Epidemics:  Moving Beyond Behavior

The incidence of childhood neurodevelopmental conditions like Autism, Anxiety and ADHD are increasing at an epidemic rate but science now gives us tools to reverse many of the symptoms associated with these conditions. Moving Beyond Behavior examines how lifestyle habits and environmental factors (epigenetics) can change outcomes for our children and their future.

Neuroplasticity: A Powerful Secret For Raising A Happily Productive Child

The brain’s early development is shaped by genetic factors working together with experience. Discover how lifestyle choices make a difference to the volume of gray matter formed in your child's brain and how daily habits can help to raise happily productive kids.

Your Blueprint:  Optimizing Brain Health With Nutrigenomics

Genetics, epigenetics, and a new way to explore brain health for our children.  Nutrigenomics, is a science studying the relationship between human genome, nutrition, and health. Dr. Piper Gibson will explain how the whole body responds to a food via systems biology, as well as single gene/single food compound relationships.

5 Tools To Help Your Child Adapt And Thrive In This Challenging World

Daily stress, contact with chemicals, processed food, disconnection from nature,... can all impact a child's physical, mental and emotional health.  Discover 5 tools to help your child to adapt and thrive in this challenging world.

Raising Resilience In A Complex World

Discover ground-breaking new scientific discoveries about the factors that influence the body's ability to self-regulate and cope with adversity, stress, and expectation. With a scientific base and practical wisdom, you can create a plan that will save time, money, and energy while boosting their children's ability to relax, learn, and grow.

Bugs, Brains, And Behavior

Cravings, regressive behaviors, inflammation, and gastro-intestinal symptoms.  Dr. Derrick MacFabe, makes science simple as he explains how the microbiome is the conductor of brain development and immunity.

Buddies In My Belly

Buddies in My Belly is fun science to help families build health together.  Discover how you can create happy bellies, healthy brains, and more laughter with your family.

7 Steps To Heal And Prevent Common Childhood Illnesses

Flared red cheeks, altered mood, difficulty focusing attention..... Find out what lies behind these symptoms and how to heal and prevent the metabolic imbalances that impact how your child behaves.

SENSE Of Regulation For Kids With Autism, Anxiety, ADHD And Aggression

SENSE (Stress management; Environment for capacity; Nutrition,; Sleep; Exercise) of Regulation is a template for raising calm, creative, and confident kids. It offers tools that parents can immediately use to help disruptive or stressful Behaviors disappear so the whole family can relax, learn and grow.

Stress Management

We live in a world where stressors can be found in the air, water, food, relationships, lifestyles, and experiences.  We can't expect to remove or even identify all of the factors that create stress in our world but there are many strategies we can implement to lower the body burden (allostatic load) for our entire family.  Discover the connections between stress and brain inflammation as you build a tool box to improve brain function by lightening the load (allostatic load) for our children.

Conquering Your Anxiety With Amino Acids And Diet

Parents of children with special needs are often anxious and overwhelmed. This can be resolved by using amino acids to address low GABA to ease physical-type anxiety and low serotonin to ease worry-type anxiety. This talk also offers insights on the effects of gluten, GABA for Lyme anxiety, anti-anxiety medications, pesticides and ADHD, self-medicating with wine and oxalates in the diet.

An Attitude Of Gratitude Helps Rewire Childrens' Brains

Gratitude and acts of kindness flood our brains with a chemical called dopamine.  This neurotransmitter plays a part in motivation, memory, behavior, cognition, attention, sleep, mood control and learning.  By harnessing hormones like dopamine, young brains can be 'rewired' for optimal learning, mood, and behavior.

Transcending Adverse Childhood Experiences So Your Child Can Thrive

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) have a tremendous impact on a child's mental, physical, and emotional health.  By assuring safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments, we can create a world in which every child can thrive.

Boosting Immunity And Brain Connections With The Vagus Nerve

Science tells us that the vagus nerve plays a crucial role in the regulation of the immune response, digestive function, and brain signaling. Discover simple activities that stimulate the vagus nerve to boost immunity and build brain connections for children with neuro hormonal imbalances.

Remember You Are Never Alone:  Connection Is Key

Caring for an exceptional child requires exceptional resources.  Discover 6 strategies that help you get it right as you navigate this incredible journey.   Remember, you are never alone.

How Attachment Is Pivotal For Healthy Brain Development

When it comes down to it, what we want most for our kids is for them to be happy. Dr. Apigian will share the biological and genetic factors that can determine whether one will walk away from childhood with attachment and trauma issues or if they will feel secure enough in the world to grow and explore.

Environment For Capacity

Maslow discovered that humans have a hierarchy of needs in which foundational pieces must be in place for our capacity to advance.  Our basic needs consist of clean air, fresh water, chemical-free whole foods, secure relationships, and an environment where we can safely interact with nature.  Much of environment is dynamic and can be adapted and enhanced to support the development of young brains.  Our professionals will guide you through the strategies that create an environment for capacity for our children.

Finding Lost Children:  Overcoming PANS And PANDAS

PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder), mycotoxin illnesses, or mold exposure could be at the root of compulsive behaviors, insomnia, tics, poor bladder control, and/or defiant behavior. Discover how treating these underlying infections and supporting the function of the immune system can eliminate these symptoms to bring back balanced brain function.

Warrior Mom: 7 Secrets To Brave, Bold Resilience

Inside every mother is a fierce, resilient, intuitive woman who has the ability to tap into an indomitable mindset and create heroic outcomes—for her children, her family, her community and for herself. Discover the 7 Secrets to Brave, Bold Resilience.

Little Things Matter:  The Impact Of Toxins On The Developing Brain

The impact of toxins on the developing brain is usually subtle for an individual child, but the damage can be substantial at the population level. Too little has been done to protect children from these ubiquitous but insidious toxins. This video provides an overview on the population impact of toxins on the developing brain and describe implications for public health.

Ecosystems To Support Brain Function

Recent research found that negative ions, like those found in rainfall, waterfalls and ocean surf, were associated with increased levels of energy production in the mitochondria. Decades of research show that negative ions promote antimicrobial responses in the immune system, improve brain function and support our nervous system. The health of our children depends on the connection with the ecosystems inside and outside of their bodies.

Reducing Electromagnetic Frequencies In Your Home

Studies demonstrate that EMFs affect a range of body systems and functions but they are particularly concerning for neurological functions which depend on transmission of electrical signals. Discover what you can do to protect your children from harmful exposures.

Address Brain Inflammation To Change Behaviors

Find out why your child's brain is inflamed and how stressors in the everyday environment can contribute to behaviors seen in conditions like Autism or ADHD.  Learn what it takes to safely drain toxins from the brain to improve  behaviors, reduce anxiety, and enhance social engagement.

Creating A Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home

Learn how to create a cleaner, greener, safer home for your children. All parents want to create an environment that builds strong, healthy children but where do we start? Discover the small steps can lead to a healthier, less toxic, and more environmentally sound home that is safe for everyone.

"Dr Sundardas Dharmadas Annamalay
BSc, BNSc(Hons),  ND, PhD, ABAAHP, MD(MA), DSc, CFMP,  CST-T"

How To Heal Symptoms By Lowering The Toxic Burden In Children

With more than 30 years of experience with children with allergies and the ASD spectrum, Dr. Annamalay has identified that when the toxic burden is reduced, symptoms resolve. Find out what you can do to lighten your child's biological load so their bodies can heal.

Nourish Mind And Microbiome

What do Hippocrates, leaky gut, inflammation, cravings, picky eating, and brain development have in common?    Our speakers will reveal how food is the foundation for the way kids think, act, and feel.

The Power Of Teaching Kids To Cook

Hippocrates stated that all health begins in the gut.  Knowing how to cook real food can change what kids eat, how they feel, and how they behave.  Katie Kimball will provide you with the skills to empower our children with the foundation of healthy eating.

Repair The Leaky Gut To Reduce Brain Fog, Anxiety, And Irritability In Kids

Leaky gut is what happens when the walls of the intestine become inflamed and excessively permeable. Chronic stress, poor nutrition, and bacterial infections can contribute to these gaps in the intestinal wall. In this talk, you will learn 9 simple strategies to repair the leaky gut and reduce brain fog, anxiety and irritability in kids.

Food For Thought: Nutrition That Builds The Brain

Early childhood is an important and dynamic period of brain growth and development when the brain forms neural networks that serve as a basis of how we think, feel and act. Nutrition plays a fundamental role in supporting these physiological processes.  Find out what foods are best to support or recover growing brains.

What's Eating Your Child:  Hidden Connections Between Food And Childhood Ailments

Science now tells us that there are hidden connections between food and childhood ailments such as anxiety, recurrent ear infections, stomachaches, picky eating, rashes, ADHD and more. This talk will provide strategies to help caregivers create a plan for symptom resolution.

Genius Mode

13 year old Daniel Bissonette shares the science of how to use food to create calm moods and to activate a child's personal Genius mode. "Because genius isn't something you're born with, it's something you become!"

Picky Eating, Toxins, And Habits For Health

Toxins, metabolic imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies can all contribute to picky eating.  Sara identifies lifestyle and environmental factors that can contribute to picky eating behaviors and offers ideas for symptom resolution with habits for health.

Find Your Superpower:  Give Sulforaphane To Your Brain

Sulforaphane is a phytonutrient that is anti-inflammatory, naturally detoxifying, and can protect and regenerate nerve tissue in the brain. Sulforaphane has the potential to reverse or prevent many symptoms associated with conditions like Autism, or ADHD.  Explore the science behind the superpowers of sulforaphane and find out how to incorporate it in your child's diet here.

Sprouts Of Hope: Sulforaphane For Young Brains

Scientists have found that sulforaphane (AKA broccoli sprouts) can alter gene expression to improve anti-oxidant production and detoxification process within our cells.  Sulforaphane restores homeostasis (systemic balance) and can bind with certain chemicals in the brain to decrease inflammation and help generate the development of new neural tissues.

Nutrition Deficit Disorder And The Standard American Diet

The food many kids eat today (aka the Standard American Diet), would be totally unrecognizable to our great-grandparents. Since young brains cannot thrive on fake foods, they “react,” leading to an array of symptoms ranging from learning and behavioral issues to fatigue, and complications associated with a weak immune system. A developing brain needs the right, real, nutrients to thrive. Julie explains how to improve your diet so your child will get the nutrients they need for proper cognitive growth.

Sleep, Exercise, and Solutions

Did you know that the symptoms of ADHD and sleep deprivation are almost identical and that exercise is necessary to promote sleep?   Uncover the secrets for restorative sleep and balanced brains with fresh air, exercise, and the structured use of natural light.  Hear the stories of hope when the solutions behind the symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders are uncovered.

Sleep Solutions For Brain Recovery

Sleep replenishes the body on all levels: cellular, endocrine, immune, metabolic, physical and emotional.  It repairs and restores major organs and brain chemicals.  During restorative sleep, the brain and body produce serotonin, a chemical necessary for mood stabilization, coping, and memory.  Uncover solutions to help your child sleep soundly for brain recovery.

Sleep, Learning, Memory And Attention

Suzie Senk is a sleep expert who will share how sleep impacts learning, memory, and attention. She will provide cues that indicate a child is not sleeping well, discuss the immune connection, and will explain how a family can incorporate sleep hygiene into their daily practices.

Nature And Neurodevelopment

Nature offers many developmental benefits.  Find out how to balance safety with risk as you encourage kids to get outside, even when the weather is bad.

Regulating Activities For Dysregulated Kids

Discover how to balance your child's brain with a drug-free program designed to help kids improve focus, behavior, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance.   Activities are grounded in the theory of neuroplasticity and they promote balance between the hemispheres of the brain.  Discover how to build brain connectivity with a unique combination of physical, sensory, and cognitive activities.

Glyphosate Threat And The Building Blocks For Brain Development.

A strong link has been identified between glyphosate and the epidemic of chronic illness that has skyrocketed over the past 2 decades that includes autism, ADHD, and anxiety.  Education is the first step to finding solutions to our epidemic of brain-immuno-gut conditions.

Reclaiming Young Brains

Diagnosis is not a child’s destiny.  Lifestyle intervention can have a regenerative impact on neurodevelopmental functions.  Discover how you can use small, actionable changes to create cellular resilience to reclaim young brains.

Healing The New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, And Allergies

Healing the 4 As is an innovative biomedical program drawn from medical research and based on years of clinical success. This program offers a safe, sensible solution that is individualized to each child to help remedy the root causes of Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies. You will engage with true stories of parents and children that will inspire you to change the life of your own child.

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